Thursday, 30 June 2011

No tweeting good!

I have tried. I really have. I think I have failed. Twitter sucked me in, chewed me up and spat me right back out again. What did I do wrong?

Having read blogs about the power of Twitter, I knew I had to harness this and make it my own. I made an account, designed my background and started following people. All good. My number of followers steadily started to increase and I even managed to dabble in Follow Fridays too! I had a few chats with fellow business mums and all was well – for a while.

Twitter has this habit of sucking you in. Right in. So far in that everything else gets neglected. In order to establish relationships, I found I was sitting glued to Twitter for hours. Following conversations so that I could contribute with informed or interesting information of my own. It was taking over my day.

I decided I needed to pull back. This is where it went wrong. Imagine being in the playground. Everybody is chatting and getting on well. You don’t know what they are chatting about because you weren’t at school yesterday. You missed the vital information that would lead you into the conversation. You try to start a conversation but they have already moved on, discussing something else that you missed. You stand there, alone, in the corner of the playground watching what is going on around you but not being privy to it. You give up and go inside. Fail.

Twitter – an excellent social tool when in the correct expert hands. I fear I do not have expert hands. Am I alone? How can I make Twitter work for me and my non-existent spare time?