Wednesday, 25 August 2010

1 week to go!

Eek! It’s only 1 week until the launch of Tykes Tights! I had imagined that by this point, all of the stock would be sitting neatly stacked in perfectly labelled boxes and I would be twiddling my thumbs waiting for that first order to come through. Oh dear! The truth is that I am a long way off from that point. All of my paperwork – y type of stuff is done (I think) and the TT facebook page has done a great job of spreading the word. I have had several people contact me and ask if they could pre-order which I am absolutely delighted about. I just wish I knew that it would all be alright on the night.

Stock is my biggest issue. What good is a shop that has no stock? I have some stock but none of it is tights. After several phone calls today, I know that I have one box of stock on its way from Germany, another on the road somewhere between here and Poland and a third being put together ready for shipment somewhere else in Germany. Once shipped, it is anyone’s guess how long it will take. 3 – 4 days is the estimate, that’s assuming that customs don’t sit on it for days. So why has it taken me the whole of the summer holidays to get my stock here? The great British banking system. I had a few grey hairs before this summer. I have lots now.

Right, enough of the moaning. This is supposed to be a positive experience. And it is. I am learning bucket-loads by the day and I am sure everything will run smoothly once I know how to make the system work for me. The printing press is whirring away producing flyers, I DO have stock on the way and I WILL be ready for the 1st September. I have a wonderful following of mums who are excited about buying my tights and I can’t wait to see my tights get out there where they should be!

Watch out Britain, boy’s tights are on the way!!!

Monday, 16 August 2010

Are you there Gwen?

Just over 2 weeks until our grand launch and I'm starting to panic. What have I done? What if I am sat here on the 1st September waiting for things to whirr into life and they don't? What if all the stock sat in my spare room is still sat there weeks later, still boxed up and untouched? What if it just doesn't happen?

There are far bigger and far worse things in life to worry about. I know that. I need to keep it all in perspective. I need to get a grip and get confident. If you don't believe you will succeed, you won't. I will.

It's all go here behind the scenes. Stock is winging it's way here from the deepest, darkest depths of Europe. Word is being spread. Contacts are being made. I have even tamed the bank into finally doing what I ask.

On a personal front, days have been hard work. Teething Tyke has not been giving us an easy time. At least the sun is shining and he has been able to run around Nanny's garden and tire himself out.

I found out the other day that Gwen Stefani dresses her boys in tights. I can't find photographic evidence which is a shame but apparently it is true! Maybe I should send her a couple of pairs? If your reading this Gwen, call me!

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

Brick Walls

I knew when I started this venture, that I would come across people who find it hard to imagine boys in tights. As blogged previously, I have received no end of strange looks when explaining my business plans. This whole venture isn’t about sexuality. I’m not dressing boys in pink frilly dresses and putting bows in their hair. That would provide no function whatsoever. I am purely taking boy's clothing back to its roots. Back to a time when items of dress where for practicality, not just about fashion.

I knew that I would be taking on stereotypes. I knew that I would come across naivety and prejudice. It makes me sad.

For every odd look or sarcastic comment, I am truly grateful for the messages of support that I receive each and every day. The number of people who have messaged me to tell me what a fantastic idea Tykes Tights is, and the people who tell me that they put their boys in tights but keep the girly designs well hidden! So many words of encouragement to keep me going.

Whilst I am making an Oscar style speech, the biggest encouragement has come from family. Not just my blood and marital relatives, but my ‘extended’ 30something family. The girls who have helped me to make decisions right from day one, from logo design, name choices and web design. Thank you.

A wise man once told me that I will come across brick walls. These brick walls would be difficult to knock down, but once down, they would stay down and my path would be easier. I am knocking down several walls a day, but I look behind me and there they are, crumbled piles of brick to brush to one side.

Wednesday, 4 August 2010

The waiting game

At the moment all I seem to be doing is waiting. I am quite an impatient person, no, I am a very impatient person. I want everything done yesterday but I guess I just have to wait like everyone else.
Today I spent my time waiting for my first delivery of stock to arrive. I waited and waited and waited. Did I mention that I am impatient? Finally, when I could bare it no longer, I made a phone call. I dread to think what the man on the other end of the line was thinking when I demanded to know where my delivery was. In the end, he humoured me by giving me a tracking number so that I could look on line. There it was in black and white - estimated delivery between 3:32 and 4:32. Well, this was about 4:20. By about 4:23 and after plenty of curtain twitching, my husband sent me upstairs to change the boy's nappy. The nursery is at the back of the house. The driveway is at the front. Now, how cruel can a man get. Needless to say, it was at this point that the driver turned up. Typical. Cue the fastest nappy change known to man and me running out the back door, bare feet, rushing to meet the delivery driver like he was an old, long-lost friend. My first box of stock has landed!
At this point, being extremely proud of my first delivery, I would normally post a picture of said box so that you could all revel in my delight, however after a recent trip to the beach, my camera has gone on strike. It has been consumed by sand and I fear will never shoot again.
Tonight, when the little man is in bed, I will no doubt empty my new box of it's contents, then fill it up again. Leave it 5 minutes and start the process again, making myself familiar with my new purchases and soaking it all in. A tad obsessive - maybe? But my box of goodies is my first real life symbol of what lies ahead. I need to be obsessive!
Tykes Tights seems to be getting a good following now, especially since I started this blog and began tweeting. I am a twit, according to my husband.
This morning, I had a lovely message from a lady who is a journo up north. She wanted to film me as a new mumpreneur starting up. She wanted to know if I lived up north too. How I cried! I want to be filmed!!!
The waiting starts again. I have 2 more boxes of stock on the way. My poor husband!