Friday, 30 July 2010

Why Tykes Tights?

I haven't really gone into much detail yet about Tykes Tights and I thought it was probably about time. Things seem to be moving along full steam ahead. I had a very productive phone call last night with my wonderful web designer and am getting everything put together for the web site. One of those documents is the 'About Me' page. I thought I would share it with you ( a little sneak preview!) so that you get to see the thinking behind the site:

The idea of Tykes Tights was born last winter when I really struggled to get tights for my baby boy. Most places that did sell them, wouldn't ship to the UK and a lot of tights in shops come in pairs, a nice plain pair and a floral or sparkly pair. I'm not so sure that flowers or sparkles would suit my boisterous son!

Why boy's tights?
Any mum who has played the 'how many times can I remove my socks' game will be half way there. Why should it be that only girls get to have warm snuggly legs throughout the winter? Even with the nicest fluffy lined trousers, a gust of wind up those trouser legs or sitting still in the buggy for a while is bound to create a chill. Socks don't always cust it (even if you manage to find a pair that stay on!)

I guess my journey into boy's tights started about 18 years ago when I was an au-pair for a lovely family in Germany. As in many mainland European countries, tights are worn equally by boys and girls, and the variety and choice is wonderful. My youngest charge wore tights throughout the winter and it didn't once occur to me that it was in any way odd, just sensible. All of his little friends wore tights too and they all had lovely warm legs! Fast forward then to last winter and my attempts to keep my child warm and comfortable in what had been one of the hardest winters for a long time.
And so it all began...

When I talk to people about Tykes Tights, I either get a knowing smile (from those with family or friends abroad), or mostly confused and embarrassed faces. What? Tights for a BOY? That can't be right.
Just to put your mind at ease, wearing tights will not have an effect upon your son's sexuality (can you believe that some people actually think that!). In fact, tights belonged to boys long before they became a staple of every little girl's wardrobe. Think Henry VIII for example.

On our site, you will find a wide range of tights specifically for baby and toddler boys as well as a large range of girl's tights for your little princesses. Take a look around and see what you think. If you are not quite ready to take the plunge into boy's tights, why not give huggalugs as try instead?

So, that's it! Time to revolutionise thinking in Britain. Time to bring warm legs to our male population! Today Britain, tomorrow the world!!!

Monday, 26 July 2010

Things are starting to happen!

Last Thursday marked the end of an era. I finished my last day as a teacher and left the school ready to embark upon my new adventure and of course, to spend more time with the little man. I don't feel sad, I just feel ready. I am sure that I will return to teaching one day, but for now, it is not the right place for me. There are far too many exciting things happening right now.

The first day of the holidays also brought the news that my VAT number had finally been granted. Tykes Tights is now a legitimate business and ready to get going! I put through my first few stock orders over the weekend. I can't wait til they arrive! I don't think any of this will feel completely real until I have the stock in my hands! It's all so exciting. I think there are about 5 weeks til the website goes live but oh so much to do in that time! I am very lucky that my wonderful husband is around over the summer to give me a bit of time and space to get on top of my 'to-do' list.

Item one - done. Off to see what else is on the list...

Friday, 16 July 2010

Ok, where do I start?

The whole world seems to be blogging so I thought it was about time I started too! I'm not quite sure why I am blogging. I am in the process of setting up a new business so that I can work from home and that is what my blog will be based upon. That and my favourite topic, my son.
Am I blogging to get loads of people buying from my site? Probably. Although I am not too convinced that anyone will actually read this, let alone visit my site and purchase anything. Am I blogging in order to satisfy the world's curiosity and 'nosey' factor? Again, probably! Blogging seems to be such a great way to get to learn about someone/thing that you may never have come across in an unblogging society. Am I blogging in order to get stuff out of my head so that it doesn't keep me awake at night? Most definitely!
So, where do I start?
A bit about me I guess. I'm Emma. 36 next month (yikes! how did that happen?), mum to wonderful TJ aged 15 months and devoted wife to G. After 13 years in the classroom, I am ready to hang up my teaching hat and affix my mummy hat very firmly to my head. I am also getting ready for the launch of my internet business, but more about that another day.
For those who have stumbled across me, hello and welcome. It's nice to 'meet' you! Well done for reading this far! Please pop back some time and I will hopefully have had the chance to do a proper blog and have more news about the business.