Tuesday, 8 February 2011

The Thermal Trials - Part 3 (and the end!)

Our final victim tester(!) in the thermal trials was toddler Alfie who kindly volunteered (or at least his mummy did) to try out the childs long pants.

Boy’s thermal long pants - £5.95
When we unwrapped the long pants my first thought was that they were soooo soft. Alfie made a grab for them and run off to a corner to cuddle them so I guess he thought the same thing! The next day we were heading out for a mainly outside day so we gave them a thorough test. Size wise the pants were generous but not to the point of being too big and seeing as Al isn't quite 2 yet I think the sizing is fair.

Alfie proudly wearing his soft long pants

At each nappy change through the day I am pleased to say that Alfie's thighs were toasty warm and due to the lovely soft stretch of these there was no wicking from a soggy nappy that we sometimes experience with tights. When we got home it was lovely to be able to take Alfie's trousers off and let him roam around in the long pants - usually if he is wearing tights I have to take them off and put trousers back on so he doesn't slip on the wood floor, and if he is wearing legwarmers they tend to slide down with the rough and tumble of toddler play resulting in cold thighs.

 The long pants came out of their first wash as lovely as they came out of the packet and Alfie decided he wanted to wear them round the house during an 'at home' day. They proved just as popular as 'out and about' and were really comfortable for him to wear both for play and nap. After their second wash the pants still felt as they did new from the pack and fit as well too. Overall I think they are a great product and would happily reccomend them to a friend - in fact I have already!
The price point of £5.95 is a little higher than I would choose to pay but they are a really great product so I would probably stretch to it for a couple of pairs if we were going on holiday somewhere really cold or sking perhaps. (Emma R)
A huge thanks to everyone who has helped by testing out our new thermals.  We are really excited about the new range and there really is something for everyone.  Check them out at http://www.tykestights.co.uk/

Monday, 7 February 2011

The Thermal trials - Part 2

So, time for a man's point of view...
Paul, a seasoned long john wearer and therefore almost expert in such matters, trialled our men's long johns.

Men’s thermal long johns - £7.95
Just dropping you a line expressing my thanks for the men's full length long johns. As you know, I purchased them mainly for playing golf in and when I'm out walking on these bitter cold days. I found them a perfect fit and extremely comfortable, much better than a leading store brand. The garment is very practical due to it's lightweight properties, easy to wash, dries quickly and no need to iron. Taking all this into account, I have found the garment extremely good value for money. (Paul R)

As well as the full length long johns, we also sell 3/4 length long johns which are perfect for men who like to wear them under work trousers to meet their socks.  They are also more discreet around the ankle.
Coming up...our third and final thermal trial - children's long pants.

Sunday, 6 February 2011

The Thermal Trials - Part 1

A couple of weeks ago, I put out a request for testers.  Tykes Tights are introducing a range of thermal wear for the whole family and I needed to know whether the stock I had in mind was going to be up to the job.
Based in the UK, our suppliers manufacture the stock locally, meaning that we have no huge shipping costs, customs fees or bank charges to worry about.  This is great news for the customer as we can offer really competitive prices on fantastic quality thermal wear.
So, what did our testers think?
Boy’s thermal long sleeved t-shirt - £6.95
Size wise as an age 3-5 it was pretty generous. Will wears a size 4-5 long sleeved t-shirt normally and the thermal vest was longer in the arm and lovely and long to keep his bum warm! I really liked the cuff on the sleeve and the material was lovely and soft.

I layered a short sleeve t-shirt over the top as I would with a normal white tee and it looked fine.

He was warm around the house with no heating on and very toasty out and about. I forgot his gloves and he didn't once moan his hands were cold like he normally would.

It is a lovely soft and warm higher than normal quality thermal top that I would definitely recommend.”
(Lee-Ann S)

Thank you to Lee-Ann and Will for testing for us. 
Next up...how did Paul fair with the men's longjohns?