Monday, 7 February 2011

The Thermal trials - Part 2

So, time for a man's point of view...
Paul, a seasoned long john wearer and therefore almost expert in such matters, trialled our men's long johns.

Men’s thermal long johns - £7.95
Just dropping you a line expressing my thanks for the men's full length long johns. As you know, I purchased them mainly for playing golf in and when I'm out walking on these bitter cold days. I found them a perfect fit and extremely comfortable, much better than a leading store brand. The garment is very practical due to it's lightweight properties, easy to wash, dries quickly and no need to iron. Taking all this into account, I have found the garment extremely good value for money. (Paul R)

As well as the full length long johns, we also sell 3/4 length long johns which are perfect for men who like to wear them under work trousers to meet their socks.  They are also more discreet around the ankle.
Coming up...our third and final thermal trial - children's long pants.

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