Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Potty training Toddler Tyke!

Today was the first day of big boy pants for Toddler Tyke. I feel like we have been preparing for this day for a long time, and putting it off for even longer! But today was the day to bite the bullet and go for it.

Toddler has seen many of his friends go through the whole process and teddy has been potty trained now for quite some months. Pants have been sitting in the drawer waiting to be used and we have had lots of chats about using the potty. We have read a book about using the potty a zillion times but Toddler didn’t really seem all that interested. I put it down to him being a boy!

Signs that Toddler was ready to take the plunge:

- He could tell me what was in his nappy – wee or poo

- If he had done a poo, he would say “No mummy, don’t come near, don’t touch”

- He would run to find me if I went to the loo

- And then give me a running commentary of what I was doing (great fun when using public conveniences!)

So day one and, apart from two parcel runs to the Post Office, we had a stay at home day. Toddler spent most of this sat on the potty in front of his favourite Fireman Sam dvd whilst I bribed him with ‘treats’ if he could do a wee. Ok, maybe not the best method but it worked.

By bedtime, we had had 3 big wees on the potty, an even bigger one in his pants (my fault for giving him a drink and not thinking of the consequences until too late) and a poo in his pants (silly mummy, I should know that a poo often comes after lunch).

I had received lots of advice on what to put Toddler in during the day. I thought about no pants but he was really keen to wear them. I didn’t want to put him in trousers because they would be too tricky to mess around with if he needed to go ‘now’. Being as it was too cold for just pants, I decided to give pants and tights a go.


- Keep legs warm

- Easy to wash

- Soak up wee before a puddle is created


- Can't pull them down himself

These worked fine but I was constantly pulling them up and down for him.

I then looked through his drawers and rediscovered his huggalugs. Perfect! Why hadn't I thought of these before?  Warm legs and no need to pull them down. These should be on the shopping list of anyone deciding to potty train in winter! So, after raiding the stock room for a new supply of Huggalugs, we are ready for day 2!

Oh, and just so as you know, Huggalugs are currently 2 pairs for £10 on the website, just click here to take a look ;) Bargain!

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