Wednesday, 13 November 2013

Questions to ask your toddler - part 2!

Ok, so Toddler Tyke is no longer a toddler so maybe I should change the title - Questions to ask your school age child (Yikes!  How did that happen?)

So, age 3 and a half, I asked Toddler a set of questions that I had first discovered on facebook and decided it would be fun to get him to answer them periodically and see how his answers change as he grows up and his views on life change.

Today, I dug out the old post and asked him the same questions (age 4 years 7 months).

These are the questions, his old answers (blue) and his new answers and his new answers (red). 

- What is rain?                       R R R R R it goes pitter patter rain drops.  Rain.  Hard.
- What makes you happy?     When I do a poo on the potty.  Errr, the sun
- How old is your daddy?      14  8
- What is Big Brother?           I don't know  Errrr, big brother
- What is food for?                 For tummies   Making you strong.
- Why is the sky blue?           'Cus it's supposed to be blue.  Sunny and cloudy and blue.  Cus it's 
- Where do babies come from?     Tummies  In Tummies
- What is God?                       I don't know  Don't know
- What does mashed potato taste like?   Yummy  Mashed potato!
- What does music make you feel like?   Errr tingly  Jiggly
- What is your favourite flower?      Errrr, green!  A daisy
- Who is the prime minister?         I don't know  You!
- What is your favourite sweet?     Yellow sweets.  lollipops
- What do you do on holidays?      We play at the beach  I like playing with you
- What happens if you tell lies?     I don't know.  Errr, you go on the naughty step
- What happens if an adult tells lies?   You get happy.  Go on the naughty step!
- If you could live anywhere in the world, where would it be?    In this house.  With you

No huge dramatic changes in a year, although I do now seem to be PM! 
I know quite a few other people had a go with the questions when we last did, it would be great to hear how your little one's views have changed.

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