Monday, 16 August 2010

Are you there Gwen?

Just over 2 weeks until our grand launch and I'm starting to panic. What have I done? What if I am sat here on the 1st September waiting for things to whirr into life and they don't? What if all the stock sat in my spare room is still sat there weeks later, still boxed up and untouched? What if it just doesn't happen?

There are far bigger and far worse things in life to worry about. I know that. I need to keep it all in perspective. I need to get a grip and get confident. If you don't believe you will succeed, you won't. I will.

It's all go here behind the scenes. Stock is winging it's way here from the deepest, darkest depths of Europe. Word is being spread. Contacts are being made. I have even tamed the bank into finally doing what I ask.

On a personal front, days have been hard work. Teething Tyke has not been giving us an easy time. At least the sun is shining and he has been able to run around Nanny's garden and tire himself out.

I found out the other day that Gwen Stefani dresses her boys in tights. I can't find photographic evidence which is a shame but apparently it is true! Maybe I should send her a couple of pairs? If your reading this Gwen, call me!

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  1. You'll be fine my dear. Just take things step by step. Good luck for 01/09