Wednesday, 25 August 2010

1 week to go!

Eek! It’s only 1 week until the launch of Tykes Tights! I had imagined that by this point, all of the stock would be sitting neatly stacked in perfectly labelled boxes and I would be twiddling my thumbs waiting for that first order to come through. Oh dear! The truth is that I am a long way off from that point. All of my paperwork – y type of stuff is done (I think) and the TT facebook page has done a great job of spreading the word. I have had several people contact me and ask if they could pre-order which I am absolutely delighted about. I just wish I knew that it would all be alright on the night.

Stock is my biggest issue. What good is a shop that has no stock? I have some stock but none of it is tights. After several phone calls today, I know that I have one box of stock on its way from Germany, another on the road somewhere between here and Poland and a third being put together ready for shipment somewhere else in Germany. Once shipped, it is anyone’s guess how long it will take. 3 – 4 days is the estimate, that’s assuming that customs don’t sit on it for days. So why has it taken me the whole of the summer holidays to get my stock here? The great British banking system. I had a few grey hairs before this summer. I have lots now.

Right, enough of the moaning. This is supposed to be a positive experience. And it is. I am learning bucket-loads by the day and I am sure everything will run smoothly once I know how to make the system work for me. The printing press is whirring away producing flyers, I DO have stock on the way and I WILL be ready for the 1st September. I have a wonderful following of mums who are excited about buying my tights and I can’t wait to see my tights get out there where they should be!

Watch out Britain, boy’s tights are on the way!!!

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  1. With only two days before launch off, the TT website is looking good Houston.